About Us

ELaa Beirut is an international group of mental healthcare professionals and public health researchers.

Our mission is to provide free access to mental healthcare for people in Lebanon dealing with the traumatic aftermath of the recent Beirut bomb explosion on August 4 2020.

Our team of mental healthcare providers are all licensed therapists who are ready to provide free online psychological support to those in need in Lebanon.

We provide an inclusive service welcome to all. Our therapists have experience of working with people with a variety of backgrounds including differences in neurodevelopment, gender identity, sexuality (LGBTQ+), race, ethnicity, social status, amongst others.

A bomb exploded in the city center on August 4 2020 leaving at least*:

  • 220 killed
  • 6,000 injured
  • 300,000+ displaced
  • The main port - the only source of food + medical supplies for the country - destroyed
  • Estimated damage = ~US$ 15 billion

*As of August 20 2020

Everyone. Based on contact with organizations and individuals on the ground, many Lebanese families have been asking for psychological help for themselves, loved ones, and their children in the wake of the recent trauma. A main concern is how to explain it to the children and deal with the aftermath.

The blast disproportionately impacted marginalised communities, such as the LGBTQ, Migrants, and Refugee communities, amongst others. These groups are already more vulnerable to depression, suicide, and other mental health difficulties. Many of them continue to be displaced. They are also least likely to be able to access psychological services due to limited finances and stigma.