​Luma Bashmi, MA

Co-Founder & Director

Luma Bashmi, MA is a Fulbright scholar, author and scientific researcher in Public Health whose research covers trauma, stress and illness, mental health, and evidence-based interventions to enhance health outcomes. She focuses on vulnerable populations including Arabic-speaking immigrants and refugees. She is currently the Head of Scientific Research & Development at King Hamad University Hospital (Bahrain) where her department oversees and supports over 60 active studies in medical research. Luma completed her internship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences (Los Angeles, CA). She has a BA (Hons) in Psychology and minor in Communications from the American University of Beirut, an MA in Marketing & Communications from the University of the Arts London, and an MA in Psychological Research (Health Psychology) from California State University, Long Beach.

Dr. Summer Fakhro

Co-Founder & Director

Dr Summer Fakhro is a UK-trained Clinical Psychologist from Bahrain working across the Middle East. She is passionate about working with children and parents who have experienced trauma and has 10 years of clinical experience in the fields of psychology, behavioral analysis, and neuroscience. Summer holds a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy) and MSc of Clinical Neuroscience from University College London, UK. She holds a BA in Psychology from Boston College, US.

lisa luxx

Co-Founder & Director

lisa luxx is a widely published and award-winning writer, poet and public speaker broadcast on channels such as BBC and ITV, she was invited by TEDx to give a talk on language and mental health. She is also an independent activist working on the ground with migrant women single mothers and victims of the kafala system in Lebanon. She has curated programs both in the UK and Middle East for creative writing as a tool of wellbeing, and facilitated workshops for young people, women and migrants disadvantaged by the system around them. She is currently doing an MA in anthropology and cultural politics and her research focus is feminist economies for community sustainability.

*lisa de-capitalises her name intentionally